Monday, September 20

i've moved - blogs & cameras

As much as I still love my DSC-W30, I thought it was time to enrich my experience in photography by getting a DSLR.

I'm putting in everything my point & shoot taught me into this new tool and, boy, those lessons are considerable and very valuable!

I'll still be using my sony from time to time (it takes kick ass macro!) but will now have the canon as my primary tool.  Please check my new blog: hundreds of thingks for my new pictures and new life (did I mention I got married and had a son in the interim?  my little inspiration is now 16 months old.)

I hope to see you there!

Friday, June 27

capturing undercurrents

I found a model. Well... she isn't one I can pose, really.

shy one

Not the come here and look sweet kind. She basically does what she wants and I basically watch out for moments when she's totally at rest and comfortable. Then I hope the light's good and I come and capture a bit of her soul.

She's a quiet one. And not at all affected by her sudden rise to stardom in my flickr world. She speaks up only when she wants cuddles in the morning. Or if she wants to go out for a little while and view the world from the balcony.

She's family, you see.

What I love most about her are her eyes. They reflect light and color so well that images made of her come out real good. And her bland expression becomes cunning or sly or shy or (even) slightly mad when the camera takes a piece of who she is. And that makes me wonder... do I see more with the camera than I do with my naked eye when looking at her?

Still waters run deep. I think I'm capturing images of the undercurrent.

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