Sunday, April 20

how does your garden grow?

Mary Mary quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells
And pretty maids all in a row.

that was interesting.

went and searched for that particular nursery rhyme and found such an interesting write-up on its history. things get real bloody in the garden, eh?

i'm not surprised. loads of plants which are real dangerous with their spears and other prickles and complications.

it seems as if the plants aren't the only dangers in the garden, as this article explains.

i mean, yes, ofcourse, the garden is such a source for little treasures and finds hidden underneath leaves...

or right by your knee

entwined on the branches above you

or on the vines themselves

or maybe on the petals like visiting fairies peeking in for a cup of tea

ofcourse they're beautiful and just waiting to be found.

sometimes they need some coaxing...

while at other times they simply unfold their gowns and let you admire their beauty

and sometimes the treasure-seeker has a camera with her and takes that moment along to share.

the flowers are not selfish at all. maybe even a bit disloyal in their wish to show their beauty off. they unfurl for almost any stranger on the street.

and sometimes they bring their friends along as entourage.

not just of the floral variety either

they're not self conscious and they don't put a lot of weight on labels. a weed? heck, that's just a plant where you don't want it thriving. but they want to thrive there... so they do. and they still show us their beauty in the midst of our loathing

and if you're patient enough. and look hard enough. sometimes even the Sun shows you his beauty as he aids the little jewels we often overlook.

(btw. that last one, i called it "Ring Around" in reference to another nursery rhyme. and boy, does that one have a story all of its own, too.)

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Len Diggity said...

Wow, amazing pics. Great work, keep it up!

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