Tuesday, April 15

people you meet on the streets

i often catch myself staring at people on the streets. wondering what kind of lives they live.

grabbing my camera and stealing their souls. perhaps for later inspection to find the answer to my endless questions.

do they take weekends off? do they sleep well at night? do they have someone to go home to?

and on the streets i ride through, i find people working on the rice fields lining its edges...

where and how do they spend their weekends?

what do they drink in the morning?

can they have seconds?

what's their retirement plan?

ever since all these self-help books found their niche in the market, we've started asking ourselves "what is the meaning of life?" "where do we fit in?" "how do we fit in?" "do we have to fit in?" "am i doing it right?"

when some people just push their wares, use their hands, bend their backs and do what must be done.

1 comment:

jay protacio mendoza said...

nice shots!!!

great compositions....

show me more!!!

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