Tuesday, June 17

More Than Meets The Eye

My partner and I have been very busy this past month. My visits online have been a bit sporadic and hurried. We've gone on trips,

had family over for a visit

family dinner

and basically trying to get all settled in our routines.

I've also been learning a few new things for my post prod work on my images. I learned HDR through the encouragement of Antonio and the help of jacoms for my program.

Photomatix is not as easy as it seems, I think.

On second thought, it's not that hard either.



I find it amusing that the image I like best from everything I've taken and made in the past weeks was not Photoshopped nor Photomatixed nor edited in any way. *Grin* I think you'll agree that my choice of favorite is definitely on the top of everything I've featured in this blog.

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