Friday, June 27

capturing undercurrents

I found a model. Well... she isn't one I can pose, really.

shy one

Not the come here and look sweet kind. She basically does what she wants and I basically watch out for moments when she's totally at rest and comfortable. Then I hope the light's good and I come and capture a bit of her soul.

She's a quiet one. And not at all affected by her sudden rise to stardom in my flickr world. She speaks up only when she wants cuddles in the morning. Or if she wants to go out for a little while and view the world from the balcony.

She's family, you see.

What I love most about her are her eyes. They reflect light and color so well that images made of her come out real good. And her bland expression becomes cunning or sly or shy or (even) slightly mad when the camera takes a piece of who she is. And that makes me wonder... do I see more with the camera than I do with my naked eye when looking at her?

Still waters run deep. I think I'm capturing images of the undercurrent.

Friday, June 20

Up and Over The Mountains (pass a waterfall, too.)

The last weekend was quite exciting. Mans and I went up and over a mountain to reach Lovina. Lovina happens to be the dolphin village in Bali. I wanted to see dolphins. Mans wanted a weekend of rest and exploration.

So off we went. We started off the five-hour bike ride around 8am from Denpasar and reached our first stop at Bedugul by 11. Just in time for some pics and lunch.

We left the "Strawberry Farm of Death" (as Mans aptly re-named a strawberry farm in Bedugul) at 12-ish and arrived at Lovina by 1.30pm. It was a gruelling ride full of twists and turns.

If you're doing your maths right, you'll notice the five hour estimation was a bit off. But with lunch and pics to make... we made good time, I think.

We watched a dolphin show at 5pm that afternoon. Tired but excited at the having a weekend of our own.

We spent the night (ofcourse... I daren't travel the mountain at night!).

And headed back Sunday morning. We did a little stopover (and a hike) early in the ride home so we could see the Gitgit Waterfalls.

Started at 10-ish that morning. Arrived home at 2pm. Exhausted but real happy about the trip (and achievement, I must say) that we just had.

I think it's always fun to travel and get lost and find your way back home when you have someone to watch it all happen with you. =)

Tuesday, June 17

More Than Meets The Eye

My partner and I have been very busy this past month. My visits online have been a bit sporadic and hurried. We've gone on trips,

had family over for a visit

family dinner

and basically trying to get all settled in our routines.

I've also been learning a few new things for my post prod work on my images. I learned HDR through the encouragement of Antonio and the help of jacoms for my program.

Photomatix is not as easy as it seems, I think.

On second thought, it's not that hard either.



I find it amusing that the image I like best from everything I've taken and made in the past weeks was not Photoshopped nor Photomatixed nor edited in any way. *Grin* I think you'll agree that my choice of favorite is definitely on the top of everything I've featured in this blog.

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